For a lot of people in most Townships of South-Africa, life is about survival.
 In one of Cape town' s Poorest of the poor Township in Phillippi East called Marikana Informal Settlement, It is where the majority of the poor people live, People and Children there are in serious suffering and poverty. For various reasons this is where the children find themselves abandoned and alone at a very young age. To get anything there, is a big mission and struggle, that means from basic rights like Water and Sanitation, Shelter and mostly food and Nutrition for the Children, it makes it difficult to live under these conditions.

This is where Community kids pot fits in and trying to reach a hand and help by providing proper meals and shelter to vulnerable children.

Who are we? Why we do this? How do we go about it? Everything you need to know about community Kids Pot! 

Do you want to help the project? You can help us give the children a hot meal with a one time or monthly donation. 

To see what happend with your donation we will take a few pictures of your cooking moment and share them on our facebook page.  Check it out!